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A computer is an electronic device that contains programmed instructions and command that are executed on click it receives input and gives an output that human are in a position to understand. A computer has both software and hardware are the tangible parts of a computer and software are programs that are intangible they are installed in a computer and they are design to perform a specific task. Computers are widely used because they are fast hence increase in productivity, can store large amount of information and its easy to retrieve the information, they help automate, saves time, keeps people entertained

This interconnection of computers in one network provides safety for a business secrets this is because only authorized people can access information this is because each person has their password other systems require finger prints and no one has the fingerprints similar to that of another person. Data can easily be shared between different users and can be accessed remotely using connected devices, resources can be shared hence it is economical to a business since they cab buy one device that is going to be used by all the people in the network an example printers, scanners and even software.

Developing softwares requires skills and practice it is therefore advisable to ensure that one selects a good institution where they will get quality skills.
They always a surprise to their customers to make sure that there is everything for everyone they have new courses . Every business aims at thriving and outdoing or being at the same level with the competitors for them to achieve this they identify a niche that their competitors have not invested in they came up with the objective of leveraging the practices and principles through extensive training sessions, consultancy and coaching services they are planning to achieve this by using appropriate methodology required to close the gap between the current gap and the desired states.

Softwares are programmed differently in accordance to the needs of a business although there are set standards that every software developer should meet. Having this avionics certification offered in the institution one can secure a job as information technology expert here one deals with network in an organization and development of softwares.

It takes a lot of devotion for a business to remain in the market for long these is determined by how they treat their customers this is because when a customer is satisfied with services offered they come back with a friend and the friend comes with another friend. They have a website from which they notify their customers on the alternating current drives available and at what prices they are selling with this their customers can buy anytime of the day and night. To learn or to get to know more about this organization clients can call using the contacts in the website.

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